It started with a song

This whole thing started as big, unattainable, musical dream.

Here we were, two songwriters (Adam Hammer and Dave Cofell) in a car loaded with guitars and equipment on the road to play a show in west central Minnesota, talking big about creating a festival to showcase our music and other similar singer/songwriters — hell, all songwriters for that matter. Then we realized we were broke. We had no budget, just another big, unattainable idea.

We tabled further planning, but couldn’t just leave it alone. Then we thought, “There’s nothing wrong with starting small, right?” So, the first “Weekend of Songs: Songwriters Festival” was born.

We came up with a grand scheme to maintain a music festival atmosphere in a smaller, indoor setting with three days of singer/songwriter performances, open mics, meet-ups and jam sessions. Then we brought it to The Local Blend in St. Joseph, Minn., hoping for the best. We’ve worked hard to build a community of musicians at The Local Blend as co-hosts of the weekly open mic there (stop by on a Tuesday night from 7-10 p.m. to see what all the buzz is about) and it seemed like the perfect venue.

They were totally on board and we scheduled the big show for August 19-21 (for tentative schedule and details, check out the “About” section).

So here we are, still in the infancy stage of helping this little dream grow some legs… and fast.

We just announced the “Weekend of Songs” on Facebook yesterday and we’ve already started to receive booking requests. Keep them coming! To be considered for booking at the first “Weekend of Songs,” click here to submit your information. We’re looking for local and regional performers as well as any national touring acts that will be in the area during this time. We’re operating on a very minimal budget, but all featured performers will be compensated.

Keep checking back here for updates. There’s going to be a lot of them coming in the next few days and weeks.


One thought on “It started with a song

  1. Gabe Noska says:

    If you have a open spot I would like to play. Thanks, Gabe Noska

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